Situational Awareness & Distracted Driving Training

Scheduling for the Situational Awareness & Distracted Driving training is to be determined – Check back for more details.

Distraction is different from inattention. Inattention is when your mind is focused on other things. Distraction comes from an external source. Improving situational awareness can help avoid this. Situational Awareness is important to drivers to be aware of their surroundings and potential hazards they face.

Here is what we’ll be exploring in this training:

  • The objective is to be able to identify the analytics of accident investigation when recognizing the root cause is distracted driving
  • Recognize the difference between inattention and distraction
    • Inattention is when your mind is focused on something other than driving
    • Distraction comes from an external source
    • Review statistics surrounding accidents
  • Understand how a brain functions while multitasking
    • The brain handles tasks sequentially, switching between one and another.
    • The brain engaged in a constant process to deal with information allowing small percentages to attend to one at a time rather than focusing on both
    • The brain does not only juggles tasks, but it also juggles attention
    • Multi-cognitive processes occur simultaneously lowering attentiveness
  • Identify what Situational Awareness is
    • Being aware of what is happening around you and being aware of potential hazards including distractions.
    • Recognize why it is important to improve situational awareness Improve perceptions and increase mental assessments of your situation
    • Improve focus and cognitive functions
  • Activities drivers can implement to improve awareness and lower fatigue
    • SLAM technique – Stop – engage your mind focus on your task
    • Look at the hazards which may be present – including your own distractions
    • Assess your situation and manage your own actions
    • Tips to maintain focus – activities while driving to help improve focus
  • Review Distracted Driving Video from National Safety Council



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