Health, Wellness, & Fatigue Training

Scheduling for the Health, Wellness, & Fatigue training is to be determined – Check back for more details.

Here is what we’ll be exploring in this training:

  • The objective is to increase awareness in the lack of health & wellness within the transportation industry and develop a plan of action to improve one’s own well-being
  • Review the statistics surrounding the transportation industry’s current issues.
    •  Life expectancy is 16 years less than the national average and face significantly higher health risks
  • Review the challenges drivers currently face
    • Food options, time constraints, ergonomic issues, excessive job stress, fatigue, depression, insufficient rest periods, etc.
  • Introduce the 5 ways drivers can improve their health by implementing these changes
    • Make time to stretch & exercise
    • Effectively manage stress levels
    • Plan your menu & eat healthier
    • Ways to increase rest periods
    • Preventative screenings
  • Watch Back Stretch video & Arm Stretch video
  • Watch “Reducing Stress” video



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