Ergonomics Training

Scheduling for the Ergonomics training is to be determined – Check back for more details.

Ergonomics is the science and practice of designing jobs or workplaces to match the capabilities and limitations of the human.

Here is what we’ll be exploring in this training:

  • A workplace Muscular skeletal Disorder refers to the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, blood vessels or spinal discs.
  • The objective is to identify what actions cause a potential risk of exposure:
    • Repetitious actions, Force, awkward positions, contact stress, vibration
  • Being in these positions for more than 2 hours per day put you at risk
    • Hands above head – lifting trays down to remove in problem locations
    • Back bent forward more than 30 degrees
    • Neck bent more than 30 degrees while driving – address posture
    • Squatting or kneeling
    • Not implementing 3 points of contact entering or exiting the vehicle
    • Pinching or gripping (steering wheel) exerting more than 10 lbs. of force
  • Employee Awareness Training – train how to identify those actions which cause discomfort and take action to change habits
  • View video “Ergonomics for Drivers”
  • Review stretching program



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