Backing & Liftgates Training

Scheduling for the Backing & Liftgates training is to be determined – Check back for more details.

Here is what we’ll be exploring in this training:

  • Backing – Objective is to recognize the importance to implement GOAL and be able to identify proper backing procedures
    • Review GOAL
    • Review the proper way to steer an articulated vehicle
    • Review steering principles
    • Review 4 ways of backing: straight line, parallel parking, alley or dock backing, jackknife backing.
  • Reducing Speeding
    • The objective is to create an awareness of the effects speeding has on the industry as a whole.
    • Identify and review statistics surrounding speeding
    • Review impact violations have on the individual BASIC scores, CSA and PSP’s
  • Liftgates & Overall Equipment Safety
    • Liftgate & equipment safety – the objective is to recognize the hazards associated with all mobile equipment
  • Review industry statistics and identify ways to protect yourself from harm while working with liftgates & other tractor or trailer equipment



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