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Grocery Haulers, Inc. has provided fully integrated logistics solutions and dedicated transportation services to the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing sectors of the food industry since 1972. As a dedicated carrier, Grocery Haulers is dedicated to leveraging their scale and knowledge of information technology and routing systems, aligned with a highly motivated and trained professional driver workforce. Grocery Haulers works with their customers throughout the Northeast to provide integrated supply chain solutions in challenging, time sensitive environments. With advanced tools and software, such as order management, daily route planning, and optimal driver assignment, Grocery Haulers brings their customers the best service at the lowest possible cost.



Whether it’s transportation management, distribution center operations or implementing backhaul solutions, Grocery Haulers provides best in class service with an emphasis on safety, ELD compliance and efficiency. Our 24/7 central dispatch staff is dedicated to providing the best customer support in the industry.


Grocery Haulers works with its customers to provide integrated supply chain solutions in challenging, time sensitive environments. Using advanced Transportation Management System software, our engineering team provides advanced order management, daily route planning, optimal driver assignment utilizing continuous moves, facilities design/location analysis and workforce planning.

Information Technology

Utilizing the latest technologies to provide cutting edge solutions for our customers both inside and outside of the company. From Android tablets and GPS tracking in our vehicles, to cloud computing and advanced routing algorithms in our back office, IT solutions are a driving force for our success.

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